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"BMW have said they are ready to introduce self-riding safety features after showing off their self-riding bike.

"W… more "
Posted 3 days ago
"Released this week by our partners at Lexmoto Motorcycles & Scooters is a new 50cc Scooter, the Lexmoto Nano.

We n… more "
Posted 1 week ago
"Bikers United is a website that has been set up to help in the fight against bike crime.

Not only does it have an… more "
Posted 1 week ago
"If you get caught speeding, you need to let your insurance company know as soon as possible.

Should you need to ma… more "
Posted 2 weeks ago
"Getting a CBT with Lexmoto - Element B: more via @YouTube"
Posted 2 weeks ago
"We have invested in eco-friendly packaging, from now on almost all of our orders packagings are completely recyclab… more "
Posted 2 weeks ago
"Get a closer look at the new Lexmoto LXR more "
Posted 3 weeks ago
"This week our friends over at Lexmoto Motorcycles & Scooters launched the brand new LXR 125cc motorcycle.

As with… more "
Posted 4 weeks ago
"Did you know about SHARP?

"The Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme, a scheme to help motorcyclists make… more "
Posted 1 month ago
"MCN have put together some legal information regarding filtering & tinted visors. Which could affect you as a rider… more "
Posted 1 month ago