Llexeter Ltd
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Llexeter Ltd

Lexmoto Motorcycles and Scooters
Lexmoto is the #1 Chinese Motorcycle brand in the UK. Based in Exeter, Devon Lexmoto selects the leading products from a trusted list of quality factories to give its customers the best value available.
UM Motorcyces
UM is a motorcycle brand born in America, and now available though the Chinese Motorcycle Dealers Network to bring added support and expertise to the UK Market.
Lextek Motorcycle Products
Lextek Motorcycle Products are committed to providing customers with the highest quality motorcycle and scooter products at the lowest possible prices.
Chinese Motorcycle Dealers
Chinese Motorcycle Dealers is the UK's premier trade network of Chinese motorcycle specialists. With exclusive access to the Lexmoto and Pulse brands, becoming a competitive business has never been easier!
Chinese Motorcycle Parts Online
Chinese Motorcycle Parts Online is the UK's biggest supplier and leading authority on Chinese Motorcycle and Scooter parts. With years of experience no other site comes close to finding the parts you need.
Who Made My Bike
Many different companies use different suppliers to create their products from all over the world. Who made my bike aims to show you exactly where your bike came from and give credit to the relevant country and supplier.
Non-Dealer Service Upload
If you are not a Pulse or Lexmoto Dealer and are servicing one of our products please use the attached form to submit servicing information to Llexeter Ltd.

Please note that servicing by a third party can only be completed with authorisation by the original selling dealer.Unauthorised servicing may invalidate any warranty present on the vehicle.